Tile and Grout Cleaning

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Just like carpet, your tiles require regular cleaning to maintain their appearance. Over time, tiles and grout lines become dirty and discoloured, making the whole room look neglected.

At City Carpet Restorations we use the latest in clean and capture technology to bring your tiles back to life. Our powerful machinery uses high pressure jets to blast dirt and oil from tiles and grout, while the vacuum extracts the dirt and water in an enclosed hood to eliminate mess and leave your tiles dry.

Our process-:

  1. Inspect your tiles
  2. Move furniture
  3. Apply appropriate cleaning solution
  4. Rotary scrub tiles and grout
  5. Scrub grout lines with brush
  6. Use our β€˜Hydroforce’ tile and grout cleaning equipment
  7. Move furniture back

You will be amazed to see the original colour of your grout return and the feel of clean tiles under foot.

We clean-:

  • Kitchen floor and wall tiles
  • Bathroom floor and wall tiles
  • Shower tiles
  • Living room and entry tiles
  • Outdoor tiles